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We specialise primarily in the areas of asset and risk protection, business turnaround and restructuring, corporate advisory, PPSR and Mortgage registration, and the provision of equity and debt funding solutions. We can recommend a number of options for you (or your clients) depending on their individual circumstances. These include:​

Professional Work

Turnaround and Restructuring

We provide positive solutions and advice for businesses and individuals to turnaround and reduce debt levels.

There is a strong interdependence between action and result when it comes to insolvency and the potential to positively turnaround your situation. You must act early and seek advice. If you ignore the issues they only amplify and become worse. Don't bury your head in the sand! And even if you have we can help!

The most important thing is that we always act for you to provide you with the best result. If you go straight to a liquidator or use a trustee legally they must act for the creditors and not you.


Asset & Risk Protection Strategies

It is important that you protect both your business and personal assets from the risk of attack from a range of predators such as creditors, financiers, employees, and even family members.

We will identify any risk areas and adopt proactive strategies and solutions to protect your business and/or family assets.


Funding and Working Capital Solutions

Our business consultants have extensive experience in assisting businesses with the provision of working capital and funding solutions.

We can arrange facilities that enable your cashflows to align with your working capital requirements through the utilisation of options such as debtor financing, lines of credit, and business loans. 

We can also work with you on other debt and equity funding solutions such as capital raising, crowdfunding, and issue of debt instruments. We have significant experience in the preparation of documentation such as Information Memorandums, Offer Documents, as well as facilitating sources of funding.


PPSR & Mortgage Asset Registration 

Understanding the complexities of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) can be a challenge, but is absolutely vital for businesses and individuals to utilise security interests appropriately to secure their interests. Eventum Optimum can assist you with all of your PPSR and additionally Mortgage registration needs.

A trusted partner for turnaround, restructuring and asset protection services, Eventum Optimum upholds the highest standards of service and assistance, creating innovative strategies and fresh solutions in all we do, and we bring this same dedication and innovation to our PPSR and Mortgage registration offerings.

We can handle registration of your assets and interests to safeguard you against future events or challenges, allowing you to keep up with the latest rules and regulations for Australian business owners and security investors, as well as helping you gain a better understanding of how the PPSR works and what it can do for you.


Creditor Negotiations & Arrangements

Often we can avoid the need for personal or business insolvency and resolve the pain you are experiencing with creditors through our effective negotiation skills.

We may be able to enter into an arrangement through negotiations on your behalf with your creditors. This can include financiers, trade creditors, landlords, business owners, state and federal tax offices, and more.

In some cases, your creditor/s may be willing to accept reduced amounts if they receive a lump-sum payment or may enter into a payment plan that is more beneficial to you.​


Management Consultancy

We partner with you to provide business improvement solutions through regular or project consulting services. Our clients get access to our extensive experience to enable them to focus and grow.  

This includes virtual CFO / COO solutions, profit coaching, forecasting and planning, business acquisitions and disposals, funding solutions, and more.




PO Box 4747 Robina Town Centre, 

Robina QLD 4230


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Our core purpose as an advisory firm is focussed on delivering – the best result for our clients.

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