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Your trusted and go to partner for any asset protection, restructure or business turnaround needs.
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Eventum Optimum is the Latin phrase for "The Best Result". And this is exactly where our core purpose as an advisory firm is focussed on delivering - the best result for our clients.

Our focus is on the delivery of comprehensive services primarily in the areas of asset and risk protection, business turnaround and restructuring, corporate advisory, PPSR and Mortgage registration, and the provision of debt and equity funding solutions.​

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Our services are backed by experts with decades of experience and qualifications. Guiding you through difficult, complex and stressful situations whilst providing the best results and outcomes.

Business Presentation

Turnaround and

Restructuring Advice​

Do you feel that you have a great business but can no longer meet your debt obligations? We provide positive solutions and advice for business and individuals to allow them to turnaround and reduce debt levels.

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Asset & Risk Protection Strategies

It is important that you protect both your business and personal assets from the risk of attack from a range of predators such as creditors, financiers, employees, and even family members.

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Creditor Negotiations

& Arrangements

Often we can avoid the need for personal or business insolvency and resolve the pain you are experiencing with creditors through our effective negotiation skills.​We may be able to enter into an arrangement through negotiations on your behalf with your creditors. This can include financiers, trade creditors, landlords, business owners, state and federal tax offices, and more.​

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Funding and Working Capital Solutions

Our business consultants have extensive experience in assisting businesses with the provision of working capital and funding solutions.​We can arrange facilities that enable your cash flows to align with your working capital requirements through the utilisation of options such as debtor financing, lines of credit, and business loans.

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Turnaround and Restructuring Advice​

We can assist you with all of your PPSR and mortgage asset registration needs. We can handle registration of your assets and interests to safeguard you against future events or challenges, allowing you to keep up with the latest rules and regulations for Australian business owners and security investors.

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Our Trusted Partners

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Great Service & Passionate Team

"Eventum were great to work with, they were reliable through the whole process and were there when i needed help."

Greg J NSW

Fantastic Experience 

"I had a fantastic experience with Michael and the team, they couldn't have been more helpful and professional."

Naomi S QLD

All the Knowledge Needed

"Between Mick and Rod, they have all the knowledge needed under one roof. They had all the information, knowledge and support I needed. Thanks so much guys."

Jennifer L SA

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