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Reduce Company Tax Debt

Small Business Restructuring

Give your business a second chance

A government-backed program helping to reduce your debt and keep your business running.

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Small Business Restructuring is a formal business support solution that has been introduced by the Australian Federal Government.


The Government has implemented revisions to Australia’s insolvency framework, enhancing support for small businesses, their creditors, and their employees. 

Our restructuring process enables small business proprietors to keep their company running while negotiating a debt restructuring plan.

What is the Small Business Restructuring Program?

The Small Business Restructure Program (SBRP) is a Government-backed Program for small businesses to manage their debts, particularly those owed to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Under normal circumstances, ATO debt cannot be reduced, but the SBRP allows businesses to negotiate their debt down to between 15-20 cents on the dollar, for up to one million dollars.


This program helps businesses with substantial debts by restructuring them into far more manageable amounts. Importantly, participation in the SBRP does not affect a business's credit rating, allowing businesses that have been trading for over two years to continue securing finance.


Speak with an Expert today to discover your eligibilty and grab this one-off chance to kick your debt.


Meet the team

Eventum Optimum is the Latin phrase for 'The Best Result'. This means our core purpose as an advisory firm is to deliver the best result for our clients.

​We deliver asset and risk protection, business turnaround and restructuring, corporate advisory, PPSR and Mortgage registration, and debt and equity funding solutions.

Our services are backed by Experts with decades of experience and qualifications. We guide you through difficult, complex, and stressful situations while providing the best results and outcomes, leading with empathy and expertise. 

Contact the Eventum Optimum Experts for life-changing solutions.

Who needs the Small Business Restructuring Program?

Is the ATO chasing you?


Are directors loans impacting your cash flow?


Are you QBCC licensed?​


Need to legally minimise your tax burden?​


Looking for a business strategy that reduces your tax bill and gives you your business back?


Received a Directors Penalty Notice (DPN) or other ATO collection action?

This program is for you.


Give your business a second chance with educated financial decisions through this government-designed legislation. 

The Division 7A rate is in excess of 8%, making it difficult to service the interest payments, let alone repaying principal.


With SBRP, we can develop strategies to manage and reduce Division 7A loans, allowing you to move forward with your business, potentially eliminating legacy debt.

With this one-off opportunity to reduce your debt, why wouldn’t you see what options are available? 

We'll may be able to help you clean up and reduce your debt, while still keeping your business name and avoiding drastic steps such as liquidation.

You get to keep your company, your brand, your data, your clients, and your trading history. PLUS, this is not a personal liability impacting your personal creditor watch. 

This never-been-done-before legislation allows business owners to dramatically reduce debt without traditional insolvency.


​Through confidential and empathetic conversations, we can possibly save your home, your business, your finances, and your wellbeing. 

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Who We've Helped


All the Knowledge Needed

"The team has all the knowledge needed under one roof. They had all the information, knowledge and support I needed. Thanks so much guys."

Jennifer L, SA

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Fantastic Experience

"I had a fantastic experience with the team, they couldn't have been more helpful and professional."

Naomi S, QLD

Sync Up

Great Service, Passionate Team

"Eventum was great to work with, they were reliable through the whole process and were there when I needed help."

Greg J, NSW

Why Eventum Optimum?



Our service price is competitive, and you see the return in spades. It's a no-brainer.



We've decades of experience and have built a strong reputation. 



We are Financial, Legal, and Emotional Advisors. We lead with empathy and expertise.  



All conversations are confidential and non-judgmental.



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Robina QLD 4230


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